What is community?

When we think about community, the most common is the place where you live and the people who live around you. But would you realize that community is well beyond the scope of just your front doorstep.

Communities come in all shapes and sizes and in many different areas of business as well as social. We build communities on platforms like Facebook or Twitter, our followers are part of a community and their followers another. Community is about people coming together for a common purpose, a single denomination that everyone leans towards.

The scope of “What is a community”, is only limited by what you define as a community.

What is growth?

The process of increasing in size?

Could we say this is a factual explanation of what growth really means? Yes if we are growing plants or trying to increase the profits of a business.

But growth on a personal level is very different, yes it is ultimately about growing as an individual, it’s also about taking on hurdles in our lives and achieving what many of us would see as being simple.

We all have areas in our lives that we want to improve or overcome and when we do, this is an achievemnt to something that we once thought impossible. The outcome is self growth.

What is Community Growth?

It’s a simple concept really and one that many of us are already doing, whether you are a child in secondary school, a nurse at the local hospital, in one form or another, we all participate in Community Growth. The friendships that we make, the acquaintances we meet or even the meetings we attend, are all aspects of Community Growth. Our family gatherings, the conventions we go to, the people we meet and the interactions that last for ever. You see community & growth go hand in hand, we do it without even knowing it, so why not know it and become a community grower.

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When we share with others, we are sharing within a community and the more who share, the more who get to laugh. Like this video for example, It’s on my page and my page is shared to the world.

So #Share with the #World

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