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Growing up with siblings, is a challenge itself, being stuck with siblings during lock down, well could someone point me in the direction of a nuclear bunker. I have to say, it has been a testament to our parenting, as they’ve not yet killed each other and I suppose we have the experience of living with our own siblings, to understand as parents, the needs of our children. Not only does being in a confined situation effects us as parents, it also effects our children as well and so their well being needs must always be met, even during this testing time for all.

I am worried about going back to school, not just because of my sister, but because I feel that I may have got behind.

B Lee

I miss my friends a lot, even though we message each other, it's not really the same as being able to hangout with them.

B Lee

I've been watching a lot of TV since we went into lock down, as well as playing on my phone and the PC.

B Lee

The impact of being away from friends is hard for anyone, especially if you have a close group of them. As adults we become complacent with our friends and over time, some of those friendships fizzle out. But as children, we hold onto our close friendships and so we have to be aware, the effects of not seeing anyone other than your family for 7 weeks on a child’s mind.

I've had no choice about self isolating, as I fall under the category of vulnerable. So I've been very bored.

C Lee

For the first few weeks, I have to be isolated in my room, with my father calling me prisoner 118 every single day.

C Lee

I wished I could go out and see my friends, I also miss school a lot as well. I can't wait until it is safe and things go back to normal.

C Lee
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